A1. Shrimp Chips 5.95

A2. Spring Rolls 7.95

A3. Fish Cakes 8.95

Home-made fish cakes serve with house sauce.

A4. Mun Tod 9.95

    Thai style crispy sweet potato.

A5. Chicken Wings 11.95

Thai style deep fried chicken wings served with homemade sauce.

A6. Laap Tod  9.95

    Deep fried E-San style minced pork.

A7. Mango Salad 10.5

Fresh green mango salad mixed with home-made sauce and Thai herbs. 

A8. Papaya Salad 10.5

Thai style green papaya salad mixed with house sauce.

A9. Shrimps Cocktail 11.95

Fresh cooked shrimps sever with Thai cocktail sauce.

A10. Mussels Pancake  12.95

Thai style crispy mussel pancake with house sweet chili.

A11. Tom Yum Soup     8.95

    The famous Spicy and sour soup with shrimps.

A12. Tom Kha Soup 7.50

Thai style coconut soup with chicken. (Vegan available).



D1. Mango sticky rice                         7.5

D2. Thai roti pancakes                        7.5

D3. Homemade Ice-Cream               7

    -fresh mango ice-cream

    -fresh coconut ice-cream

    -Thai ice tea icecream

S1. Tom Yum Pad Thai        (Lobster 23.95, Shrimps 17.50)

    Signature Tom Yum Pad Thai: Pad Thai with Tom Yum Herbs.

      S2. Pad Thai  (Chicken 15.95, Shrimp 17.50)                

    Stir fried rice noodle with homemade sauce wrap with egg crepe.

S3. Pad See Ew (Chicken, Beef)     16.5

Stir-fried fresh rice noodles with beef and sweet soy sauce flavor.

S4. Khaw Pad  (Chicken 15.5, Shrimp 16.95)

Stir-fried Thai style fried rice with chicken. (vegan friendly up on request)

S5. Pad Puk  (Chicken 15.5, Shrimp 16.95) 

Stir-fried Thai style mixed vegetable with chicken. (vegan friendly up on request)

S6. Pad Med (Chicken 16.5, Shrimp 16.95)

Stir fried Thai style cashew nut with chicken served with Thai jasmine rice)

S7. Pad Ka Pao (Chicken/ Pork 16.95)

Stir fried Thai holy basil with minced meat and sunny side up egg served with a side of Thai jasmine rice.

S8. Laap (Chicken, Pork 16.95)

Thai style minced meat with fresh Thai herbs served with a side of Thai jasmine rice.

S9. Khao Soi 16.95

Egg noodles in homemade golden curry with chicken and crowned with crispy noodles.

S10. Kheaw Waan (Chicken 16.5, Shrimp 17.95)

    Homemade Thai green curry with mixed vegetable served with a side of Thai jasmine rice.

S11. Paneng Curry (Chicken, Beef 16.5)

    Homemade Thai Paneng curry with green beans, served with a side of rice.



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